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LGA Assistance is the most leading and innovative medical assistance company with a high-performance track record of experience and excellence in the healthcare assistance industry. Company’s journey started last 2004 in Egypt and built a powerful alliance with the Gulf Corporation Council in 2013. LGA is a specialized medical assistance company which is dedicated to performing a wide variety of healthcare management. LGA takes pride in providing various international assistance services to the locals, expatriate workers, corporate partners, business and leisure travelers across the 7 Emirates and GCC countries. LGA is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Health (MOH), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and Abu Dhabi Health Authority (AHA) and highly recommended by all public and private hospitals all over the UAE and GCC countries. LGA is the only medical assistance organization that offers the highest international diverse line of healthcare services through our very own network, without any other third-party interventions.


To deliver the highest world- class quality and relevant patient-centered healthcare services guided by our strong LGA core values.


We act and shape the essence of our company's culture with our strong principles and core values. These are our guiding principles, and we are aligned to use these deeply held philosophies to choose between right or wrong.


To be a globally preferred healthcare assistance partner for our clients by creating value in their business through innovative healthcare solutions.


We place most importance on the client satisfaction.


We enrich the quality of life and well being of our clients by giving a very passionate with world- class service.

Passionfor Excellence

We pledge to perform the best for our clients and key partners.


We take pride in being responsible with our service.


We keep our commitment to foster and build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients.


We educate our clients with honesty as our follow through to the service they have received.


We constantly seek innovative ideas and solutions to stay at the forefront of the healthcare assistance industry.


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As the largest and one of the best independent medical assistance company across the UAE and GCC countries, LGA strategized necessary infrastructure to enrich our network with innovative healthcare services and modern technology to maintain the world-class with a reasonable price healthcare services that we offer. LGA provides various international assistance services to the citizens, expatriate workers, corporate partners, business and leisure travelers. It includes healthcare management, 24/7 Alarm Center, home care medical services, travel assistance, transportation and repatriation, cost containment, funeral services, corporate medical aid, and healthcare trainings.



LGA guarantees that our clients will be served speedily and efficiently with the highest international quality medical assistance. LGA Customer Service Representatives are well- trained, multilingual operators who are dedicated to delivering exceptional care, who speaks in at least four languages, including Arabic, English, Russian, and German. We always pledge to put the patients first and maintain an average of 5 minute- callback after receiving the medical assistance request. LGA is committed to bringing a world-class and patient-centered healthcare services 24/7 including holidays to any place in UAE and GCC countries. We make ourselves available to ensure that we will quickly and efficiently process the needs of our clients and dispatch our fully licensed and well-trained doctors and healthcare practitioners without any delay.


LGA is the first medical assistance company in the United Arab Emirates who provides on-call doctors across all seven Emirates. With a solid competence in the healthcare assistance industry, LGA is housing fully- licensed and well- experienced doctors to assist with immediate needs. On-call doctors are pragmatic and highly knowledgeable in giving careful considerations to the client’s medical concerns and determining a valid path forward. LGA empowers patients to work with LGA own internationally trained doctors and health workers and make healthcare decisions that are best for them.


LGA provides a vast assortment of travel assistance services. We work to ensure the comfort of our clients throughout every journey. We offer our expertise in meeting travel arrangement needs including ticketing, transports, car rentals, hotel bookings, and medical/ health tourism, obtaining medical report and fit- to fly certificate from the healthcare facility and providers, securing required airline medical clearance, arranging and providing all ground transportation, coordinating the transfer with the attending and receiving facility, coordinating with the medical team for the entire transfer and update the family members as it progresses. With our 24/7 Alarm Center, clients can quickly contact us to request any travel assistance needed. LGA assures our client’s journey will be satisfied all the way.


LGA provides the most modern and best scheme of managing medical assistance throughout the UAE and GCC countries. LGA pioneers transformation of case management to decrease cost, improve quality, and measure outcomes and focused on patient-centric healthcare. Our healthcare case management assistance scheme supports the planning, seeking, delivering, monitoring, and evaluating healthcare services on behalf of our dear patients. We focus on providing personalized services to improve the care that our clients will receive. We diligently check coverage and benefits, create Guarantee of Payments, arrange special services and investigations, coordinate with the MOH, DHA, HAAD accredited private and public hospitals, manage cases in any medical facilities that are not part of our network of providers, deliver documents quickly with reasonable fees, plan to reduce expenses and improve the medical care. We assure our patients that we will be with them every step of the way in their healthcare journey.


LGA has partnered with a globalalliance of reputable transportation and repatriation players that operateworldwide. We are allied with the most trusted transportation and repatriationproviders who manage medical transfers patients safely and immediately frommedical facilities to their home. LGA and our group of allies provide a widerange of medical transfer services such as repatriation after treatment, fully-equipped ground ambulance escorted by our highly trained doctors and medicalstaff, medical bed-to-bed private air ambulance service for patients with themost urgent needs with a complete array of modern equipment and TARMAC access.We ensure that we don’t allow geographical boundaries or time zones to come inbetween provision of support. Our goal is to ensure convenience, hassle- freetransfers of our clients.


Cost containment is essential to LGA. We have a wide array of experience in the local market using the most modern procedures and concepts to minimize costs without compromising the quality that we provide to our patients. LGA offers a fixed rate of on-call visits. We actively engage in re-pricing and direct negotiations with healthcare facilities. We have established strong relationships with our key partners to allow us to provide exclusive discounts to our clients. We gain experience and expertise in managing cases in all of our partnered medical facilities to have a flexible scale of assistance fees for complex medical cases. We master this approach to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of the services that the client’s get to achieve the optimum healthcare experience.


Death is an intrinsic part of life. It is inevitable. The loss of our loved one showers us with a range of emotions. At this most difficult time, our clients can rely on us. LGA provides a wide assortment of funeral services with compassion and dignity. Our team is authorized to supervise the entire process to assist our clients in making funeral service arrangements such as monitoring the embalming and encoffin process, transportation services, and air cargo services. We also provide daily email updates, documentation, and attestations required locally. We are dedicated to assisting in making funeral services with commitment and excellence.


LGA is continuously expanding and growing into a wide range of countries with a strong accreditation from the three major health authorities in UAE, Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the Ministry of Health (MOH). We assure our clients that we provide the highest international standard services. LGA has formed a powerful worldwide alliance and partnerships with the major private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, locals and international air and ground ambulance companies to ensure that all of our clients are accommodated and provide perfect experience healthcare journey.


Operate from Dubai office: Salam Tower, Al Barsha, Office 106, Dubai)


7 Abd Elmeneem Riad, Mohandseen, 15th floor Cairo


Operate from Dubai office: Salam Tower, Al Barsha, Office 106, Dubai)


Operate from Dubai office: Salam Tower, Al Barsha, Office 106, Dubai)


Operate from Dubai office: Salam Tower, Al Barsha, Office 106, Dubai)


Operate from Dubai office: Salam Tower, Al Barsha, Office 106, Dubai)


Operate from Dubai office: Salam Tower, Al Barsha, Office 106, Dubai)


Operate from Dubai office: Salam Tower, Al Barsha, Office 106, Dubai)




SoloMed Polyclinic

SoloMed is a private medical clinic group that is dedicated to providing the highest international standards of medical care, including in-home doctor’s care. At SoloMed, we assure our clients that we will accommodate all their healthcare needs. SoloMed is located in 3 Emirates of the UAE: Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. We guarantee that our clients will receive excellent care from our friendly team of healthcare professionals at Solomed Polyclinic.

SoloMed Pharmacy

As in keeping with our vision of providing a complete, convenient, and speedy service, we have launched our new facility, SoloMed Pharmacy. Our pharmacy provides the full range of medicines, including supplementary medicines, as well as hygiene products and daily healthcare products.



Doctor 4 Home is the first company in all emirates of UAE that devotes their entire service to providing on-call doctors and in-home health care. Doctor 4 Home is a premier service staffed by fully licensed medical practitioners who are made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. These medical providers are trained in core medical specialties, and also specialize in family medicines, general surgery, pediatrics, physiotherapy, nursing, obstetrics and gynecology. We treat most of the common cases and guarantee our clients that our doctor-on-call service is easy to access. Our team can provide you with medical care that meets all of your needs, including environmental needs. Whether you prefer to receive treatment in your home, office, or hotel room, we can treat you wherever. With Doctor 4 Home, you can expect that you’ll get a low-cost, immediate, personalized and hospitable treatment from our medical team. You can also expect the highest quality of service from our brand and staff members.



LGA Health Care provides round-the-clock services all over UAE, supported by a dedicated Healthcare communications center. On our staff, we have certified medics who operate our state-of-the-art ambulances, which are equipped with the latest technology. LGA Health Care maintains the highest international standards to provide our clients with the best possible care. We also provide clinical staff to support both public and private events. Our services are internationally accredited through the Joint Commission International. LGA Hotel and Resort Medical Service has acquired 14 years of experience in managing hotel and resort medical services. We provide doctors and nurses on-site from 8-24 hours a day, 7 days/week, and offer on-call doctors as well. Checklists for clinic preparation and first-aid boxes are also provided at no cost. We offer first-aid programs and training and provide access to our database to allow for checking all the incidents that have occurred among the hotel staff and guests. LGA will care for your staff by giving First Aid, HR, Hospital transfer, and ambulance services, as the case may require. LGA will care for your guests as well by providing doctors 24/7, delivering medication, providing transfers to hospitals, all on an insurance basis. As a complimentary service, we will also follow the guest until discharge and update the hotel on their status. All of our Hotel and Resort Medical Services are designed to make sure everyone will be safe and worry-free.

A) Emergency Pre-Hospital Care Solutions
B) CME (Continuing Medical Education)
C) Emergency Health Consultancy
D) Medical Services for Events
E) BLS & First Aid Training



Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. And in such cases, do you know what to do? Every second is important in a person’s life. But for someone who is having a heart attack, or has been in a serious accident, literally every second is crucial.
LGA, through its training department, can provide the training your employees require to be understand different health problems and have the capability to perform some necessary steps in case of an emergency with the assurance that comes with being trained by the best.
Our training course is accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). With the course offering standard First Aid, CPR, and AED training, LGA training department is superbly qualified to provide your employees the necessary knowledge and skills to handle workplace incidents that can happen at any time.
The courses we offer conform to the standards set by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi, "Standards for First Aid Training" (Phr/hrm/fa/09, December 2010).Close



Life Gulf Assistance is a UAE-based medical travel facilitator for international patients who wish to visit the Middle East for their health needs. Working in partnership with medical facilities and patient care services in The Arabian Gulf, LGA acts as a transparent link between patients and medical service providers offering affordable, rapid access to a wide range of high-quality, personalized, and safe medical solutions.



Telemedicine is a recent development in medical care that uses technology to help save lives in critical care and emergency situations, and provide health care services to a patient from a distance. For those who live in rural areas, telemedicine is particularly advantageous, as it can provide improved access to medical services through eliminating distance barriers. Although telemedicine as we know it today hasn’t been around for that long, its concepts have been around for decades. Early versions of telemedicine used telemedical devices, telephone, radio, video telephony and advanced diagnostics supported by distributed client/server applications to support in-home care. Today’s version of telemedicine is made possible through the advanced technologies of the 20th century. These technologies make it possible for patients and doctors to conveniently communicate, and simplifies the medical, imaging and diagnostic data transfer process.


LGA is truly a worldwide organization, and now accepts more than 128 international insurance policies and assistance programs.




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Life Gulf Assistance is an innovative medical assistance company with a high-performance track record that was established in 2004 in Egypt. LGA is a leader in the medical assistance industry, and expanded its network to the GCC in 2013.


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